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Drew Hanlen Interview, Modified 1v1, Suns Play of the Week

Skills Training Essentials

Drew Hanlen, NBA skills trainer and CEO of Pure Sweat Basketball, shares his thoughts on the most important characteristics of a player development coach, how to organize a workout, and the necessary skills for succeeding in today's game.

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Play of the Week: Phoenix Suns - Zipper Chicago

Breaking down this Phoenix Suns set from head coach Monty Williams. This combination of Zipper + Chicago actions back-to-back is very tough to guard. In this case, Devin Booker (2) has options to score it himself, or pitch to teammates if the defense collapses.

All FastDraw diagrams can be downloaded from my FastModel Sports PlayBank.

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Drill of the Week: Cone Handoff 1v1

Modified 1 v 1 games are a great alternatives to traditional 1 v 1. A chance for the defense to work on improving on-ball defense. Alternatively, an opportunity for the offense to practice finishes around the basket.

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Wrapping up our series on teaching conceptual offense. Game-like and competitive shooting drills to help players improve skills for the Pace & Space conceptual offensive system.

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