🎙️ AQTO: Adapted Dribble Drive Offense

John Leonzo Interview, Core Offense Concepts, DDM SSG

Adapted Dribble Drive Offense

After serving at Cedarville University, John Leonzo is entering his first year as an assistant coach for Wright State Raiders women's basketball team. In this episode, he discusses Dribble Drive Offense, changes they've made to fit their program, and adjustments for modern defenses.

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5 Core Offense Concepts

As part of the Dribble Drive Motion Offense, Coach Leonzo teaches 5 easy-to-remember concepts to his players to help in recognizing defenses and attacking with intelligence.

  1. Plan to Shoot

  2. React to Attack

  3. Pass to Where the Help Came From

  4. Sprint to Respace

  5. Penetrate Pass Pass

Drill of the Week: 4v3 Shooting

For those who love SSGs, here’s one from Coach Leonzo’s video library called 4v3 Shooting. A great drill to teach and rep decision-making, spacing, dribbling vs. pressure, passing, and shooting.

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