🎙️ AQTO: 5 Lessons from Coaching Coaches

#HoopsForum Interview with Randy Sherman

5 Lessons from Coaching Coaches

On this week's podcast, Radius Athletics' Randy Sherman and A Quick Timeout's Tony Miller discuss 5 common challenges coaches every face and how to work through situations to help improve your program.

  1. The Reality of Tradeoffs

  2. Your Problems Aren’t Unique

  3. Fixing Potholes

  4. The Interconnection of Game Phases

  5. Focus and Distractions

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Play of the Week: Nigeria - Box Shake SLOB

Breaking down this Team Nigeria sideline out of bounds set from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Frame 2 shows how player 1 has five legitimate scoring options to choose from. Can’t ask for much more than that!

All FastDraw diagrams can be downloaded from my FastModel Sports PlayBank.

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Drill of the Week: Drive and Kick Shooting

We’ve put an emphasis this preseason on attacking closeouts, drawing help defenders, then kicking to an open teammate.

Click here for Coach Tony Miller’s Dr. Dish Shooting Machine drill library.

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